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  1. Steven Palmisano

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    Hello all -

    I am putting a GFCI in the bathroom and need some help.

    1) there are three wires in the receptacle box BWG and that's it. My question is, if this box is at the end of the run does a GFCI really have any benefit?

    2) there are 4 leads on the switch, Line (incoming) and the Load , How do I know which two to connect to on the switch it's self, the top B & W or the bottom two?

    Thanks, Steve
  2. jadnashua

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    New England
    The GFCI protects things plugged into it, so yes, it is required.

    Connect the power to the LINE leads or screws (black, white, and ground). Put wire-nuts (if they are pigtails) on the LOAD connections, otherwise, just leave them as is...with nothing on them. Those leads are used to protect and power additional standard receptacle(s), if you choose to add more in the same room.
  3. Alectrician

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    Use a voltage tester.

    Line = power in

    Load = power out.

    The GFCI recep will protect whatever is downstream if you hook the outgoing wires to the load side.

    If you put all wiring on the line side, only that recep will be protected.

    If you put all wiring on the line side, be sure and cap off the load leads/pigtails. Do they even make GFCI receps with leads anymore????
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