New GE water heater with slow anode leak

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  1. Breazeway

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    I just installed a new GE gas water heater and thought all was well. A few hours later I checked and found a small drip type leak coming from the top of the anode rod. Having never messed with this device, I am wondering if I should take the water heater back and go through all that trouble or if I can simply tighten the hex nut (if I can find a large enough socket).
  2. Shut the water off, drain down the tank a few gallons, then find the correct socket to remove the anode rod. Then, use teflon tape and wrap the threads on the anode rod along with teflon thread sealant and reinstall. Turn water back on to see if it still leaks.

    You can actually have tech service come out and inspect this @ no charge to you. They cover this under the warranty. It might be a defective tank. If so, they will replace the water heater @ no charge to you.
  3. jimbo

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    Since this could be a defect necessitating a new tank, why not take advantage of the ON_SITE GE warranty as suggested by Rugged.
  4. hj

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    If you do remove the anode, use a pipe dope when you replace it, not tape, since you want to maintain a metal to metal contact so the anode can work.
  5. warranty on GE units

    dont think that this is under warranty for FREE....

    I know of a few people who were not happy
    paying a $80 service call on a 5 weeek old new water heater

    If you can get a service tech for GE to come out
    you will most likely pay for it....

    Ask if their are any costs incurred before the guy shows up

    If you installed it yourself ,
    most likely you will have to reapir it yourself too

    or argue with someone over the service call....
  6. jimbo

    jimbo Plumber

    San Diego
    GE has a one year Parts and Labor warranty. Call the 800 number and theyh will send a factory service guy and there is no charge.
  7. Jimbo -wait and see

    just be sure that the problem is within their water
    heater and not something to do with your plumbing installation
    or will surely be charged... once the service tech finally arrives
    and looks it over.

    I suggest the guy does not fool with that leaking rod either,
    or they might void use that for an excuse to void the waranty..

    Perhaps it is simply a defective leaking water heater--it happens all the time

    Now--If this fellow installed it himself,

    he will most likely be given another new water heater in excahnge for the
    bad one --- but he will have to take the bad one back to the place of purchase
    for an exchange and then he will get to install it all over again....

    now if some hardware store installed it for him ,
    he might get it done for free.... sometime in the next 5-10 days
    after the service tech looks it over...

    it seems fair either way it goes down......

    take this complaint for whatever you think it is worth..about GE..
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  8. jimbo

    jimbo Plumber

    San Diego
    MP Mark.............I believe you are correct about the issue of install if the heater needs to be completely changed out. The service guy will call GE and they will tell the owner to take it back to HD for an exchange. Only if an HD contractor installed it would that labor be covered.

    So, even if the anode rod just needs some dope, the service company may call it a cracked boss and wash their hands of the whole thing!
  9. Bob NH

    Bob NH In the Trades

    New Hampshire
  10. toolaholic

    toolaholic General Contractor Carpenter

    Marin Co. Ca.
    Brand New, And Anoid Leak?

  11. again --wait and see

    I have been down this road before...

    if you want to see pics of a Richmond water heater
    three weeks old that the customer paid 80 bucks to have
    looked at --go to my web page..way down on the products page

    Richmond and GE come from the same factory.....

    For a very short time around 91 I did the service contract for
    Richmond water heaters in this area and got out of it quick...

    too many half assed installs
    by the hoeowner that they did not want to pay for
    me to make right..

    too much paper work and hunting down parts

    and too little money from Richmond to
    diagose and do the warranty work...
    (this included power vent units too)

    too many mobile homes..ect ect...

    fighting the customer over the fact they turned on the power to the
    water heater while it was empty was the last straw..

    what do you do...??

    Just hope that they have someone in his area willing to
    take those lumps in the first place....

    Lowes has that problem in lots of large metro areas

    ( I worked for lowes once too)
  12. jimbo

    jimbo Plumber

    San Diego
    The homeowner posted on Monday, It is now Thursday. I hope by this time he has at least called GE, or taken some other action to resolve this! I hope he posts back to let us know if any of our pontificating helped him out at all!
  13. sorry about the pontificating

    sorry about all this pontificating.....

    I do have issues with all the hardware stores-- and
    the products they sell and the promises they make..

    waiting to see how long it takes to get it resolved.
  14. toolaholic

    toolaholic General Contractor Carpenter

    Marin Co. Ca.
    i'm guessing all the box stores are selling many W.H . rs

    to home owners. I can't believe someone that bought from h.depot would receive an $ 80 bill to seal a factory,leaking anoid .

    just where does an installation snafo cause a leak on an anoid?
  15. $80 bucks

    that was for a Richmond gas water heater a few years ago
    that was 3 weeks old..

    the hardware stores sell tons of them, to handy guys for the bottom
    dollar, and its ok..

    but on average

    once its out there door , its basically your problem... period.

    go to my web page and look at the products page if you
    want to see a few I posted

    enough pontiificateing for now.
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