New Bathroom Review - Toto, Swanstone, Moen, Keystone

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    Hello everyone - we've had our new for bathroom for 3 months and have some thoughts to share:

    Toto Soiree toilet (see attatchment) - comfort height is great, skirting gives nice appearance and is easy to clean although back is close to wall, sanagloss worth it and easy to maintain, cyclone flush and bowl rinse efficient and not noisy. When first installed there seemed to be a drip not seen in tank or bowl, but this turned out to be bowl overfill dribbling into the plastic pipe magnified by the skirting; Toto tech support re this issue gave excellent explanation. However, we were not advised of backorder time for this toilet, so be sure to check this before starting your remodel.

    Toto C100 Washlet - turns out to be more maintenance than expected, esp. wiping seat each time after using and many hanging cords. Caveats (can't sit on closed seat lid, can't be in direct sunlight, can't use aerosols) were not noted beforehand. In short, I may come to like it more over time, but could live without it and wash myself more quickly the old-fashioned way.

    Swanstone - installed in shower wall and pan, sink vanity. Contractor said it was easy to work with. White color choice was not too "holiday inn" garish, easy to clean and maintain with blade after each shower, pebbled floor pan prevents slipping with no dirt/scum buildup, minor mildew on metal under stationery shower seat sprays off with clorox water, no mildew on swanstone itself.

    Keystone shower doors - excellent quality and appearance, easy to clean and maintain, clear glass makes our small bathroom seem larger.

    Moen sink and shower fixtures, towel bars, shower grab bar - nice quality and appearance, good tech support for questions, esp. like sink high arc spout and chrome/brass combo. availability.

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