New bath in an unfinished basement

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    My house is three years old and has a daylight basement with rough ins for a bath. According to the builders plans it was roughed in for a full bath but there is no drain stub for the bathtub. Is it possible that it is buried just under the slab? There is a pipe running up the wall where the tub would go that I assume is the vent stack.
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    It could have a thin layer of concrete over it. Tap on the floor where you think it is with a hammer and see if you can hear any difference. The area around the drain is usually boxed out, since every tub will require the trap to be positioned a little different - you need some room to work and adjust for the final fit.
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    Post a picture
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    new bath in unfinished basement

    Here are two shots of the area, one picture and a scan of the original building plans. I assume the stub on the floor is for the toilet, and the left pipe is the drain/vent for a lav - it's capped just to the left of the picture. The center pipe is the drain for a toilet and lav from a powder room directly above. The right pipe has no visible connections. Is it the vent for a tub? Where is the toilet vented? Also, will I be able to easily add washing machine hookups to the existing plumbing in this room? Thank you.

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    "Easily" and "slab" don't belong in the same sentence.
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