New 64k 7000sxt Install Requires Proper Values Before Starting up

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    Sep 12, 2013
    I could really use some help with start up - what are the best settings for my application? I haven't input or filled anything. I have read many posts where the poster had to perform multiple backwash's to correct start up issues...

    Here are my specs:

    * 2600 sq ft House (Just built)
    * 3/4" (7/8" OD) PEX Tubing Main feeding my header valve which then has 1/2" PEX feeding house. Each appliance has its own shut off valve at the header.
    * 3/4" PEX Water Softener Prep
    * 2 Full, 1 half bath (No jetted/deep tubes & no body sprayers)
    * 4 people (2 adults, 1 teenager, and a 10yr old)
    * Average water use

    Community Well water:
    Arsenic: 10ppb (billion)
    Fluoride: 4ppm
    Hardness: 17gpg
    iron: .3 ppm
    Nitrate: 10ppm
    Nitrite: 1ppm
    Sulfate: 0ppm
    Sodium : 38mg/l
    Total Trihalomethanes: 80ppb (billion)
    Total Haloacetic Acids: 60ppb (billion)
    Chlorine: .2ppm
    Lead: 1.5ppb (billion)
    Copper: 1.3 ppm
    Flow Test 7.32gpm (41 secs to fill 5 gal bucket)

    Any and all help much appreciated!!!
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