Need to move old raditor?

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    Hi All- I'm a carpenter in the trade for 18 yrs and remodding sister's kitchen. I've got an old radiator that's in the wall cavity. It resembles a slant fin unit but laid horizontally about 6" off the floor with a large(4'X2')metal cover over it. There are two separate iron pipes involved with the unit. I thought that in newer construction a single piece of copper came in and feed the radiator and that same 'line' came out the other end creating a single, continuous loop. What I've got are two iron lines running parallel to one another and one 'line' feeds one end of the radiator and the other ties in to the other side of the radiator. I need to remove this radiator and relocate it; using slant fin as replacement. Can someone explain to me what's going on or if you know of a link showing hot water systems basics that would be appreciated. It's a closed system with a circulator pump. Thanks, Bill-
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    If I read this correctly, instead of one pipe on one side and another at the opposite end, you have two pipes at one end. Correct? If so the two systems are exactly the same. It does not matter where the pipes are as long as each is connected to a different end of the radiator.
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