Need to Connect a Countertop Dishwasher to a Nonconventional Faucet (Moen Renzo)

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    I have a Moen Renzo pullout kitchen faucet in my kitchen, and I want to purchase a countertop dishwasher (strongly considering the Danby DDW611WLED).

    My problem is that the countertop dishwasher needs to be connected to the threading of a conventional sink faucet, but my faucet is a rounded pullout faucet with no easily visible means of taking it apart to insert an adapter. I was told by Danby that the hose needs to attach to a 1/2 inch standard threaded faucet.

    I thought of trying to tap into the hot water source underneath the sink, and somehow split it to run to the faucet and to the dishwasher, but I don't know how to do that and if that's the best way to go about it.

    Any advice you have would be most appreciated!

    I rent, so I cannot make any major faucet replacement, etc., but I'm thinking that a few minor tweaks (ie: splitting the hot water, or using a faucet adapter of some sort) would be fine.

    Thanks! Here are photos of the hot water hook up, as well as the faucet head.

    IMG_20140113_092430_605.jpg IMG_20140113_092443_725.jpg IMG_20140113_092505_390.jpg IMG_20140115_111035_865.jpg
  2. Gayle Roberts

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    my solution

    I went to a good plumbing supply house with both ends and said I need to go from here to here with a diverter valve. See the pic. There's a splitter off the supply then a crazy series of adapters with a valve at the dishwasher end. Good luck.

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    You show us everything BUT the dishwasher connection. If it is an aerator adapter, then it will attach to your faucet, but the faucet's hose may NOT be strong enough to handle the back pressure, (but it probably would if that 'ribbed' hose is the connection to the spout). Without knowing how the DW connects it is impossible to make a recommendation, but intuitively, I doubt that the parts you show will do the job, or they may be an "overkill" in place of a simple single adapter. At the very least you probably only needed an "Add-a-Tee", not a diverter valve. Have you considered how you would get the hot water from under the sink up to the DW?
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  4. SHR

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    The set-up will probably work for the water supply to dishwasher if OP want to leave his cabinet doors open while running the dishwasher. I would love to be there when the dishwasher empties all of the waste water into the cabinet under the sink too. Portable dishwasher connectors combine the supply and waste into one connector. Be sure you have a mop handy.

    Or have a dedicated single basin style with aerator faucet installed and connect it to hot water. The basin faucets have standard aerator threads and when the DW is connected the waste water will go right in to the sink under the faucet. I have installed many dedicated basin faucets for this purpose.
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