need to cap lead pipe

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    Hi all
    I have a 4" lead pipe sticking out of my basement concrete floor which I believe was for a toilet once upon a time, house is 50 years old.
    This lead pipe sticks up about 8" and I would like to cut it off at floor level and permanently cap it off. I would like it to be flush wih the floor to get back that small but valuable floor space. From the looks of the original DWV setup in the basement they roughed in for a basment washroom but never finished it. At this point the previous owners roughed in a washroom at a different location, which I intend to finish.
    What options do I have to cap this lead pipe?
    I heard of a screw in metal fitting with self tapping, tapered threads for lead pipe but have no idea where to find such a fitting.
    Would a mechanical type (screw/wingnut) test plug be OK as a premanent cap?
    Thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. get a test plug

    they make different test plugs that would go down into the pipe

    they make an inflateable neopreme ball that would plug up
    the hole ...then concrete it permanently into place...

    I have seen many differnet ways to do this

    plug the hole up with plastic bags , rags ect

    then cement over the whole area.

    whatever you feel comfortable with.

    cement works best , its just a question as to how water
    and vapor tight you wish it to be..
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