Need help with my tub drain

Discussion in 'Shower & Bathtub Forum & Blog' started by 67cyclone, Feb 18, 2005.

  1. 67cyclone

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    Need some advice on my tub drain. I'm not a plumber by trade, but have made some type of unclog or repair to every other fixture in the house. My problem is my tub will not drain at all. For the last couple of years or so you would have to put some force on the lever attached to the face plate on the overflow tube. No biggee, we would put a wet wash cloth on the lever and the tub would drain quickly. There was no slow drainage prior to yesterday. All my other clogs became slow drains prior to clogging fully. Yesterday no drainage at all. My first thought was the linkage leading to the brass sleeve that stops flow had fell apart and that was the problem. Got home from work and pulled off the faceplate and to my surprise, the entire assembly pulled right out to include the brass stopper. In theory, if that piece is removed, the water should flow freely, correct? I know what you're thinking, clogged with hair. We have a trap over the drain that allows virtually no hair through. I ran a 48 inch snake last night and got nothing. Also tried a plunger and all that does is force the air back into the water. It seems as if I have a mechanical stoppage, but am not sure what it might be. Sorry about the long post, just want to let you know what I have tried. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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    A 48" snake is probably not long enough, if the stoppage is actually in the pipe and not at the fitting on the bottom of the tub.
  3. 67cyclone

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    snake machine

    So it sounds as if I don't have a mechanical issue. Would I be well served to rent one of those snake machines from the Home Depot? Also, should I go through the overflow tube at top or the drain at bottom? Thanks.
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    Just saw Rich M on Ask This Old House do this on show. He said to put snake thru overflow. Straighter path for snake
  5. RioHyde

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    yes, run the snake through the overflow, but also take the strainer off the drain and be sure there isnt some hair there too. I know you said you've got a strainer that doesnt allow hair through, but unless the grid openings are smaller than a human hair, hair is getting through.
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