Need advice on vents for sink and tub

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    I'm in the middle of a bathroom gut and remodel in our 1959 ranch. The tub and sink were not installed with vents. I never experienced any problems with the current setup, but I'd like to do it right while I'm at it if I can.

    As part of the renovation, I changed the tub from left hand to right hand which brings the horizontal run up to about 12' from 6' before. The sink is staying at about 6'

    I'm debating if I should run vent pipes up to the attic and tap into the main vent stack or use air admittance valves. The vent stack pipe in the attic is 4" cast iron. If I do go this route, what is the best way to tap into an existing pipe? Would I use something like this?

    Any other advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    You can cut off the cast iron in the attic and install a tee for the new vent. I might look at replacing the section of stack through the roof when installing the tee. You can replace it with PVC or ABS.
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    I cannot imagine a residence being constructed in Michigan in 1959 and not being properly vented. Sometimes people do not know what a vent looks like so they assume it does not exist.
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    Great. Thanks for the advice. Just cutting it and replacing everything above will probably be much easier than trying to tap into it.
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