Name: chrome bend under sink instead of P-trap

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  1. Am having difficulty finding a part on the internet, because I can't describe it well enough.

    I want to put a nice looking bend under a vessel sink, before the P trap. The p trap will be back against the wall, so I'll still have access to it under the vanity's shelf. It's an open space.

    Maybe "_ 1-1/4" Wall Bend Tube _" chrome plated, or "_ 1-1/4"x12" Waste Arm _" brass or chrome plated. Brass would do too.

    Any advice on this installation will be appreciated.

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  2. hj

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    The technical term for what you are seeking is a "1 1/4" flush elbow". But be advised that a vessel sink will often drain poorly, if at all, when connected the normal way. Making this bend may make it drain even slower.
  3. flush elbow. roger.

    thank you sir!

    this vessel has an overflow. I'll see how well it drains.

  4. 2 bowls, 1 P trap - how do they do that?

    not sure if I'm making progress.

    I did find one "extension coupling 90 degrees", that has threads and a polypropylene washer. It's about 2.5" to 3" in height.

    What do they sell for double bowl sinks when there is only one P trap?
    I saw "CENTER-OUTLET SLIP WASTE ARM. Connects double bowl sinks to drain trap" ...

  5. hj

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    Those are 1 1 /2" for kitchen sinks. You need an 1 1/4" one. If you cannot find it listed as a flush elbow, look for a "slip joint elbow" but not one with slip nuts on both sides.
  6. RioHyde

    RioHyde Plumber

    Cincinnati, Ohio
    [​IMG]Not entirely sure what it is you're looking for.....something like this maybe? ADA compliant offset lav tailpiece.
  7. looks good.

    yes, this will work, or is real close to what I need. It definitely only needs a little height, so it won't show under the shelf counter.

    I found an elbow with threads on both ends.

    I think just the slip joint elbow (flush elbow) with threads on one end only will be enough fancy plumbing parts for me. From there I think I'll continue with regular copper, welding the next corner bend in when I get to the wall, and sending the waste down to the P trap against the wall.

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  8. with standpipe?

    I have enough free space at the back wall to build it the following way:
    -- 1.) Start with a 1-1/2" Flush Elbow with slip joint on top, put bushing in, reducing to 1-1/4", to receive the tailpiece of the overflow-popup piece.
    -- 2.) Send the 1-1/2" pipe back to the wall where it enters a Tee making a standpipe, allowing air to move and help draining. A 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 Tee.
    -- 3.) Install P trap (with C/O) 16 inches down lower, where drain stub is now in wall.

    I'd buy a 1-1/4" but cannot find one. This vessel sink has an overflow.

  9. gfors7

    gfors7 New Member

    You're going to have water coming out of the top of that tee, if not right away, you will after a few hairs get in there.
  10. can't figure out sizes and connections

    The standard tailpiece coming out of a bathroom popup is a 1-1/4" threaded chrome pipe. There are very few places that will sell anything made with this pipe.

    What size is it for real, and what size threads does it have? I've been told it is not the same size as 1/14" copper pipe ID or OD, and its threads are not the same as any other threads. Really?? If so, I'm going to have to find some other way. The picture above about the ADA elbow and bend is the best thing I've seen so far. I've also found a 1-1/4 in. x 8 in., Threaded Top, Chrome Plated Dishwasher Branch Tailpiece, but no ends or elbows.

    We just want to send the waste pipe away from view before connecting the ptrap down out of view under a shelf. It's hard for me to find out whether this will even be possible with chrome plated brass. My situation is similar to this one at

  11. Continuous waste kit

    this may be the thing:

    End outlet - continuous waste kit. Chrome on brass 1-1/4".
  12. hj

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    Cave Creek, Arizona

    You are making this much too difficult, but since we do not know what level of supply houses you have available, we do not know what to recommend that you could purchase. I have never seen a 1 1/4" continuous waste.
  13. only in 1-1/2" chromed brass, not 1-1/4"

    Correct. It is appearing to be more difficult than I would have thought.

    I can get anything that is available in the biggest distribution cities like NYC. I'm closer to Montreal which is still a big distribution center.

    The options I can picture installing are definitely available in 1-1/2" chromed brass but not in 1-1/4" diameter. Does this mean my intended installation is fairly common in kitchens and home bars?

    No web site, store or 1-800 phone service has a 1-1/4" diameter "Flush Elbow" (or "Flush Ell"), and few have any other parts in 1-1/4". The only 1-/14" tailpiece with a bend in it (found so far) is the one RioHyde posted above. Every supply house carries it. It is a long sweep with about an inch more straight pipe above the bend, and (I think) a flange at the end, not threads. I need the threads.

    So, I am wondering about putting a bushing /adaptor /reducer /washer into a 1-1/2" elbow, perhaps another type of elbow, like a chromed cast IPS or a chromed swivel traps' elbows, or whatever. Even a "Slip All End Tee" is beginning to look good.

    I am wondering if another material is the right way to go. Does anyone ever paint copper to please the missus? OTOH, I don't think I can find a copper fitting to perform like a threaded tailpiece.

  14. Verdeboy

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    If everything is available in 1 1/2", why don't you use a 1 1/2" - 1 1/4" reducing nut to connect to the bottom of the pop-up drain and then use all 1 1/2" plumbing from there? You can even buy a pop-up assembly in chromed brass so your pop-up drain will match.
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