My first Tankless install.....

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  1. anything I should know before installing a
    Bosch Aquastar tankless water heater for a client???

    I dont think that thiis brand is any good

    I have gotten myself into a house re-moedl in the heart of the old south side ...
    .Basically it is a hell -=-hole but the customer has already bought a Bosch tankless heater
    and he is a lawyer who thinks he knows it all.......

    I have already told him that it probably is not big enough for his house...
    but their is no talking him out of it

    anyway....I have decided to use 1/2 wirsbo pex lines
    and manifold everything into a 3/4 copper pex manifold right
    by the tankless heater....all hot liens will get kicked down to 1/2

    though I am debateing wether its is best to have jsut one
    hot line going to both bathroooms and teeing off those lines for
    the lavatories....instead of running home runs for the lavs tooo...

    the vent on this unit will get put out
    the side of the house about 9 feet away like a power
    vent would but in SS pipe.

    3/4 gas line ...
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  2. CHH

    CHH New Member

    Denver, CO
    Working for the lawyer seems to have you a little shook up: "hot liens" LOL

    I tried to resist posting this. Really I did. :)
  3. dubldare

    dubldare Plumber/Gasfitter


    Teeing off will reduce wait time for hot water, eg: Shaving before showering.

    Teeing off will also ease installation of a recirc in the future.
  4. I probably will Dubdare

    I have a 1/2 pex run to the second floor for hot
    water and have teed off it for the lav...

    will probably do the same for the downstairs bath too
    it is just a small modification in the crawl space tomorrow..

    with the flow rate being so criticle, it seems better to
    runa 1/2 line to a bathroom and teeing of it for the lav
    than to run a 3/4 line all the way for both...

    I cant bring myself to run a full 3/4 line off that tankless
    for a bathroom 45 feet away...

    I have seen one customer actually run only 3/8pex
    to all his fixtures from a tankless claiming that the
    pressure stays the same but the smaller volume
    needing heated makes the tankless function better....

    I never went back to see how that worked out.
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  5. GrumpyPlumber

    GrumpyPlumber Licensed Grump

    Licensed Grump
    Mark, if it's not too him out of the Bosch.
    They're the worst...have him get a Takagi, Noritz, Rheem, Rinnai, Paloma...anything but those cheaper box store Bosch's.
    If you're stuck with it, you'll see what I mean the first time you check the temperatures.
  6. already told him bosch was junk

    I have told him to take it back ...

    but I think it has fallen on deaf ears...
    He is a lawyer and lives on another plane of existence

  7. Cass

    Cass Plumber

    unless he is a regular past customer you trust...put everything in writing.
  8. all said and done

    I have already told the fellow that the
    unit will probably not perform up to the standards
    of other units,,

    I am thinking about showing him this thread so he can
    see for himself. The Bosch is still in the box so it
    might be easy to get him to take it back....

    if not , its all in writing.

    and in bloodtoo
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