moving washer to another room in house with slab

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  1. jmurf

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    i am thinking of moving my washer and dryer out of my kitchen to the garage with access from inside office closet space. The laundry room takes up alot of room inside kitchen and there's no room for eat in kitchen. With laundry room out it will open up kitchen tremendously. I am wondering about what it will require (labor, $$, time involved and who exactly handles this type of work, permits etc..)
    Also if thesable, does the trench dug, have to be in a straight line from first washer spot. The second place i need the washer to be in the garage, there is the garage wall in straight line with it.
    Are there other possibilites, outside etc....?
  2. Cass

    Cass Plumber

    I would call 2-3 plumbers and get estimates. When they come you can talk to them about You digging, jacking the concrete or what ever they will let you do to lower there estimate unless yop just want them to do the whole job.
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  3. jimbo

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    San Diego
    Any of those things you mentioned...indirect routing, outside routing, etc. are possible depending on what you have. Ask the plumber for his input and get a couple of bids.
  4. construct30

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    Make sure they install a proper vent, some plumbers can skimp on a job like this.
  5. Redwood

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    I don't see where your from but my question is... Would freezing be a concern?
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