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  1. scorpsista

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    I had my Moen valve stuck in August. A Plumber came out, removed the old cartridge and replaced with a new one. He used the same handle that had broke the cartridge, and when I say broke, the handle broke off at the stem of the cartridge. Today, 9 months later, it's stuck again. I think he should have replaced the handle, because the current handle is old and sits on the cartridge valve wobbly. Is there a way to loosen up the cartridge with some kind of lubricant? I am guessing it got stuck again because of mineral deposits. Do I need to have the valve replaced now? Also, the cartridge never turned all the way, I never got the hot water I used to have, and it has a constant drip. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  2. plumbingskool

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    Your going to haVE to replace the handle and the cartridge this time,

    It's just not worth it to try to "band aid" the cartridge ( Lubricating it)

    I would also suggest having a plumber install a water filter if you know you have lots of minerals in your water.

    Hope this helps, This is only my opinion, I am sure you will gets several:)
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