Master Bath Plumbing Remodel: advice/feedback needed

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    I am remodeling our master bath and would appreciate some advice on how to proceed with the plumbing rough in for the toilet and tub. I need to move one of our main stack-vents about 5 feet to conceal it within another wall. I’ve attached a picture detailing my proposed plumbing configuration but I am unsure how to drain and vent the tub along with the toilet.
    1. At location 1 in the picture, do I use a Y or T fitting to connect the 3†toilet pipe to the main stack?
    2. How do I drain/vent the tub to the same stack?
    3. If I have to revent the tub can I do so within the confines of 12†joists and run the revent between the joists and over and up the right wall?
    4. Are there any rules regarding the minimum distance between the drain line and the vent line? Meaning, can I lay a vent line directly on top of the drain line it vents as long as I connect the vent to the main stack above the fixtures flood plane?


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  2. too many questions, that all presume something else that may not be the right assumption...

    The picture is a good start. More info please.

    even your first question presumes the vent you drew is the right thing to have and in the right place.

    taking the opposite tack, what if you had to bring down vents everywhere? Where do you have wall space for that?

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    First off, thanks for the reply.

    When viewing the picture, the wall to the right is an inside wall, the center wall is an outside wall, and the wall to the left (not shown in picture) is the wall between the attic above the garage and the bath. So the only wall I can hide the vent in is the wall to the right.

    There used to be a toilet room and the existing vent stack was hidden in one of the walls for the toilet room but our new plans do not have a toilet room thus the need to move the vent stack.

    This is a second floor bath with attic space above bathroom to vent through the roof. I’ve included a plan that details the location for the new fixtures.

    Let me know what other details I should include.


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  4. too many DFU's. Five fixtures and only ONE vent?

    too many DFU's. Looks like you only had one vent before....

    The diagram shows a toilet at the bottom right, two sinks on the left wall, a new tub at the top right. a new shower at the top left, an old shower too.

    Should I be seeing more venting somewhere? BTW, what did you have before on this one vent?

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    It was just the toilet on the 3†stack vent before. The old whirlpool tub drained into a 2†drain located next to the 3†vent stack, you can see it in the first picture. There’s a T just after the P-Trap that vented the tub drain inside the old tub deck and up the left wall. I’m surprised it passed inspection as I thought that you couldn’t run vents or drains up outside/garage walls. Perhaps the rule does not apply to vents? The IL plumbing code states the following:

    c) Freezing. No soil or waste pipe shall be installed or permitted outside of a building or in an exterior wall unless provisions are made to protect such piping from freezing. This does not prohibit a soil or waste pipe from extending from a manufactured or mobile home unit to an approved point of discharge, provided such waste line is protected from freezing.

    My understanding is that a 3†pipe can accommodate up to 20 D.F.U.’s. Where a bathtub is assigned 3 D.F.U.’s and a tank flush 1.6 gpf toilet is assigned 4 D.F.U.’s for a total of 7 D.F.U.’s. Nowhere near the 20 D.F.U.’s accommodated by a 3†pipe. I pulled these values from the following sources:

    Maximum Number of Drainage Fixture Units (D.F.U.) Per Diameter of Pipe:

    Drainage Fixture Units (D.F.U.) Per Fixture Group:

    Note: I am only concerned with draining and venting the toilet and tub, the other fixtures can be drained and vented through other existing drains not included in the drawing.

    I am trying to avoid using the existing 2†tub drain as it affects future plans for the kitchen located directly below on the first floor.

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