Mark - Those Pipes Shaking Today?

Discussion in 'Plumbing Forum, Professional & DIY Advice' started by MG, Apr 18, 2008.

  1. MG

    MG New Member

    Illinois - Near St. Louis
    I know here in the STL area we felt the shaking...I bet Indy did too!
  2. a very mooving experience

    yes if you are talking to me , my house swayed
    twisted and moved today......

    I was up at 5.30 and knew what it was
    when it first started.. and lasted about 40 seconds
    from start to finish... ..

    it really only felt like a gentle swaying..

    but for a moment at its height it made you wonder
    if it was going to keep going and getting more intence...

    Its pretty big time for a mid-west cow town...

    but this 5.6 is just sissy stuff for anywhere in california..

    probably would not have even been mentioned on
    the news in frisco.....

    no pipes broken that I am aware of...

    its the old 1920 gas lines that make you wince...
  3. I found damage today...

    I was suprised to find that one of
    our gutters that easily flowed away from
    our home straight downhill across an asphalt
    driveway does not..

    the corner where it dropped down into has
    sunk down about 3 inches and now water goes
    the wrong way back to the house...

    extended a piece of corogated pipe on that gutter.

    we have had a few calls on gas leaks but nothing
    really too exciteing....yet.

    very grateful that is all their was wrong
  4. broken hot lines in slabs

    getting a few calls from customers that
    claimed water heaters we put in last year are
    not giving them hot water anymore....

    2 of them so far.

    the problems started over the weeekend...

    went out to find a slab leak which
    started on F=Satruday.....

    I hope this dont become a trend.....
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