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    I just wondering if anything like this exist. Before I go out and buy an "Autotrol Well Pro 230 Volt Dry Pellet Chlorinator" or "Sentry Tablet Feeder 115 Volt" type Well Chlorinator, I just wanted to know if a Manual one exist.

    The Sentry one states it works like a "gum ball machine". If its like a gum ball machine, a Manual one that I can go out and twist once a day to drop down some Chlorine would work for me. And it would be a fraction of the cost. I know it would NOT be as good or efficent, but it would works for me. Also I wouldn't have to mess with wiring anything up.
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    Without knowing your demand for chlorine (how much iron, manganese, H2S and if there is any bacteria and what kind) and the volume of water your house uses per day and your peak demand gpm, you may have to (read probably will have to) drop more than one pellet more frequently than once per day. Usually pellets are dropped each pump run or a run may be skipped but much more frequent than once a day.

    To my knowledge there is no such thing as a manual pellet dropper and I doubt one would work because it wouldn't be able to maintain a minimum chlorine residual in the water.

    I would go the Sentry over other brands/types. I don't like droppers of any kind. I like an inline chlorine feeder and mixing tank.
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