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  1. peggy

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    Jan 7, 2007
    Hi, I sure hope you can advise me on this . We had a lot of family for Christmas and the day after they left I washed a load of clothes. I went into the bathroom, on the opposite side of the house and the bathroom was flooded and the shower had a lot of water in it. The water on the floor had come from around the bottom of the toliet. I wet vacumned it up and washed another load to see what would happen. The bathroom flooded again , but sucked the water out of the shower. I washed 3 or 4 loads since then and nothing happened. Have been using toliet and shower without a problem. 4 days later, after I think things are ok. I run the dishwasher and it backs up to the other side of the house and floods the bathroom floor again. Ok I'm pretty sure this is the main line with tree roots or something since all of the drainage seems to be going backwards, no place to go I guess. Tonight I take a bath in another bathroom and the water doesn't drain, I look in the bathroom that has been blooding and see water coming from undreneath the toliet and backed up in the shower. I go back and the tub is empty. Help and ideas except for main drain..:confused: :confused: :confused:
  2. norcal1

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    Jan 24, 2005
    Yes, the main drain line is clogging, somewhere downstream of the fixtures that are backing up.

    Also, you need to replace the seal on the toilet, as water shouldn't be leaking out from the bottom of the toilet even when there is a backup.
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  4. Gary Swart

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    Sep 1, 2004
    Yakima WA
    The "seal" Norcal refers to is the wax ring. Have the drain cleaner do this for you.
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