Macclean filter system - media levels

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    Oct 21, 2012
    Hello and thanks for being here
    I had seen that you had previously answered someones questions about this kind of system so I thought maybe you might have some experience with them.
    So here goes:
    I have a Macclean filter system model MCA 1001 system is about 10-15 yrs old, put in by previous owner (bro in law) my wife said it hadnt been running well lately called in the company the installed and they said the system was corroded , media was missing and the entire system needed to be replaced. After talking to bro in law we took apart system (very easy 4 parts) emptied tank found no corrosion but some mud we strained the contents of the tank seperating gravel from silt? now the questions...
    1 How much gravel should be in tank
    2 Is there any other media that goes into tank have left over MC-10p from install -thanks to bro in law
    3 Is the gravel the same kind one might use in a fish tank?

    I had seen a illustration for approx. levels of media but cannot find that page there were so many
    I hope this is the correct model number know the MC-10 p is correct the tank is aprox. 10" x 44"

    If you can help it would be greatly appreciated
    thanks in advance

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