low water pressure

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  1. mike891

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    water pressure has gotten terrible in last 2 wks have well pump just replaced in spring. turned off pump drained tank only got about 4 gallons from tank. closed valve turned pump back on noticed pump kicking on every 10 seconds then off then on again in 10 seconds pressure at tank is 55psi drops to 40 than back to 55 and so on. can here sssh sound when water running. anybody help?
  2. Gary Slusser

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    It sounds as if you have incorrect air pressure in the tank and the pump is short cycling. That is very bad for the pump motor and electric bill.

    If this is going on when no water is being used, then you also have a serious water leak somewhere.
  3. mike891

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    Gary thanks 4 reply does not happen when water not being used pump is short cycling how do i get proper tank pressure thanks mike
  4. Gary Slusser

    Gary Slusser That's all folks!

    Run water until the pump comes on and note the pressure on the gauge when the pump starts, shut off the water and note the pressure when the pump shuts off.

    That gives you the on/off switch settings of the pump/system. You may have to do that a couple times.

    Shut off the power to the pump.

    Shut off the water past the pressure tank to the house.

    Completely drain the water out of the pressure tank.

    Check the air pressure in the tank. If you get water or water vapor, the tank bladder is busted and you need to replace the tank.

    The pressure has to be 1-2 psi less than the turn the pump on pressure; 30/50 gets 29-28 psi with no water in the tank. Adjust accordingly.

    Close the drain valve on the tank and turn the pump power on noting the pressures as above. You may have to repeatedly run water and such and then adjust the pressure switch if needed to get the pump on at 30 and off at 50 or 40/60 etc..

    Turn on the water to the house.
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  5. mike891

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    Originally Posted by mike891
    Gary thanks 4 info sorry took so long 4 reply followed your instructions turned out tank was shot. replaced tank. water pressure upstairs and in the kitchen are worse. laundry room downstairs and bath downstairs are fine. new tank pressure with no water has 29psi. on off switch 30-50 works fine. comes on @30 off @50 but pressure so bad can hardly get soap off in shower any ideas thanks again for your help Mike
    Hi Mike,
  6. wondering

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    Have you checked the strainers in your shower head and faucets? They may be full of sediment since the tank change out.
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