Low water pressure in the shower only.

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    Hi guys. Just moved to Amman, Jordan for a one year stint with the UN and rented a nice 2 bdrm rooftop furnished flat. Checked the water pressure in the bathroom and kitchen sinks and flushed the toilets and all seemed sufficient. But I'll be darned if I can get the pressure in the shower to come close to that of the sink 18" away. There's no debris in the shower hose line or head as both are new and flow fine when attached to the sink. Any ideas? Cheers, Rughead.
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    Low Pressure

    If the stop valves are open fully, then you must have a restriction or a plug somewhere.

    Can you post a photo or 2? Do you know the model or brand of shower you have?
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    When I lived in Amman, a long time ago, all of the water was supplied from a tank on the roof - it was pumped up there when the water was on (not that often), and then gravity fed it to everything in the house. That extra 3-4 feet of fall to the level of the sink verses the showerhead made a big difference in the available pressure.

    Is your system on a pump? or are you using gravity?
  4. aerators in bathroom faucets and kitchen faucets, means you may be fooled by appearances. Check how long it takes to fill a big container under each of the three.

    Does your building have a big holding tank on the roof? In summer, in some parts of Amman, water is only delivered a few times a week, and you slowly use up what is in the tank. AFAIK; in Jebelwebde for example. If so, your pressure is the same at all three valves/taps. Cheer up; you have something pretty close to what is now sold as a rain shower, for big bucks, in North America.

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