Low hot water pressure on certain fixtures

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    Jul 26, 2010
    I shut the water off at the meter when out of town for Christmas, and upon returning and turning water back on I have low water pressure at the kitchen sink faucet and 2nd floor shower/tub.

    Other fixtures (basement utility sink, 1st floor bathroom sink and 2nd floor bathroom sink) are fine.

    The kitchen faucet is a Kohler Simplice. I have cleaned the screen, flushed the stainless steel supply hoses, as well as removed the cartridge and ran the water with the cartridge out. None improved the situation. However, when I reverse the hot and cold connections, the the low pressure is still on what would be the hot water position on the faucet. This tells me something must be restricting the flow in the faucet, but I don't know what else to do.

    As for the shower, I have a Hansgrohe Thermobalance ii and I have removed the cartridge and cleaned the filters. This did not improve the situation.

    Both of these fixtures are serviced by copper and pex piping. There is one segment of galvanized still active, servicing the 2nd floor sink and toilet.

    Any ideas or suggestions on what to do next to troubleshoot and or fix the problems? The shower is especially bad as can barely rinse the shampoo out of hair.

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