Looking for 2 person bath with shower.

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  1. arfeller

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    I am looking for some fixtures for a bathroom remodel. I would like to place the bathtub at the end of the bathroom instead of along the side as it is now.

    The room dimesntions are 114" x 68".

    I would like to get a two person bath that will work with a tiled 3 wall surrround and shower. I prefer a 5.5' (66") tub no more then 36" wide.

    The problem i have is that all the tubs i can find are not designed for a shower. Anybody have a good place to look for this kind of tub?

  2. jadnashua

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    Many of the tub manufacturers make an add-on tiling flange that can be used on a drop in tub for your situation. I think you're going to have trouble finding one designed for two people that is only 36" wide. Lots of brands out there, but I ended up with one from www.jasoninternational.com. ANohter technique that works is to use a surface membrane and use a urethane adhesive to adhere it to the tub surface and use an expansion joint. Look at Kerdi, KerdiFlex, and Dilex at www.schluter.com.
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