Lifetime of tankless water heaters?

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    My tankless isn't working, PG&E says it's an ignitor problem, Mr. Rooter says it's a control panel problem and that I should just replace it. He told me I should invest in the new one because it's 7 years old and it's outside, so he's surprised it's lasted this long. But when I looked up the average lifespan of tankless' it came back as 20 years. Is mine worse because it's outside? I believe it's a gas model since it has a gas switch that PG&E switched off because it was just leaking gas trying to ignite. Should I just replace it? Or should I see if I can get someone else to look at it and fix it?
  2. Here is a pic of a 3 year old Navian that we tore out last monday,,,
    the fellow was totally fed up with it and did not even want to consider
    attempting to repair it ...again.... the money he threw into it was just
    going to be a lesson learned $4000

    folks dont realize the maintiance that has to be done to these units before
    they buy them and time passes fast.. and thenext thing you know is the unit
    is all limed up because you never de-limed it in 7 years......

    of course the roto rooter guy is working on a 40% comission so you might
    want to get a second opinion...


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