Leaky (new) Flapper valve

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    I've had some problems with my upstairs toilet. I noticed the tank would fill, but then over say 30 minutes or maybe less, it would drain, but I also noticed the fill valve never started to fill the tank. So initially, I figured flapper valve was bad. So I replaced it with a new one. That didn't solve the problem, so I thought I would need to replace the tank gasket. Got down to inspect the space between the tank and the lower toilet and noticed water dripping from the tank bolt. I tried tightening it, but was able to pull the corroded bolt out completely. So I went to home depot. I figured since I would need to remove the tank, I would replace the flush valve as well as the gasket. Home Depot sold the kit with bolts, flush valve and another flapper valve and gasket.

    After 3 attempts, finally got the gasket and tank installed correctly so the tank was not leaking around the gasket. Filled the tank and watched the level of water. It slowly trickled out through both new flapper valves (I noticed trickling in the bowl even with the water off). Again, the fill valve did not turn on the continue to fill the tank, so I bought a new fill valve to install this weekend and also a new flush lever (I should have gutted the entire tank contents when I pulled it off). So I have new flapper valves AND a new flush valve with a new drain opening.

    Is there anything, like silicone lubricant that you can put on the rubber flapper valve where it touches the opening of the flush valve? I've never really had the best of luck with flapper valves. They always seem to trickle a little.
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