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  1. Mid Night Illusions

    Mid Night Illusions New Member

    Hi everyone im new to the forum :)

    I currently live in a apartment building and there is water leaking out of my faucet in the bath tub.
    I think the valve is NFG, I want to pull it out and check it....I assume I have to shut the water off right? but I cant seem to find the shut off valve to shut the water off...?

    Is there a spot were it normally is? There is one under the sink in the kitchen and bathroom but it just shuts those taps off only.. Should there not be a main water shut off in each Apt.?

    Thanks everyone.
  2. jimbo

    jimbo Plumber

    San Diego
    Not a good idea to fool around with the plumbing in an apartment you do not own. What if you screw it up?

    As far as the answer to your question, it is possible you have to shut down the whole building to service the shower. But if it was well designed, there may be screwdriver stops behind the chrome trim flange or flanges. But they may be iffy given old age, and messing with them can get you into a "no-return" situation. It is not your fault the shower is dripping, and your landlord should be happy to fix it for you, especially if he is paying for the wasted water and energy to heat it.
  3. Mid Night Illusions

    Mid Night Illusions New Member

    Thanks Jimbo..
    Landlord is on Vacation, and he asked me to fix it.....
    So I took the knob off, and unscrewed the coller, and slid the crome flange off and guess what was behind it...? Silicone :(

    So now, im not sure what to do.
  4. Redwood

    Redwood Master Plumber

    If the drip is coming out of the spout it is an internal problem and the water will have to be off. Consult the building management to find out how to go about shutting the water off.
  5. Mid Night Illusions

    Mid Night Illusions New Member

    Ok Thanks guys :)
    Btw very helpful forum!
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