Leak in solar panel

Discussion in 'Solar and Geothermal Water Heating Forum' started by wanderl1, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. wanderl1

    wanderl1 New Member

    I have solar panels to heat my pool. They have pinhole leaks. Last year I used aquarium glue to stop the leaks which have re-occurred. What can I use to plug these leaks? The panels appear to be plastic or a similar substance.

  2. protech

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    Central Fl
    Well, first you need to find out WHY the leaks happened in the first place.

    As far as plugging the leaks, you need something like this. They usually don't last long though.
  3. dextercath96@gmail.com

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  4. rogerd

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    These leaks keep recurring. Same problem with mine too. I have already tried fixing it twice, but the leak reappeared at another spot in the tubing this time. any one why this happens? My system is quite old - about 15 years old. Do I need to replace it?
  5. cssolar

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    water leak

    If the system is indirect, maybe you could add some car rad weld into ( the non used water part of the system )

    Regards Tony cssolar
  6. hj

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    Solar pool heaters are NOT indirect, and are usually made of ABS plastic. If it has small individual tubes, you can cut them at the leaks and use John Guest "push on" 3/8" couplings to splice it back together. Otherwise, and especially since it seems to have multiple leaks, either check to see if your panel has a "lifetime" warranty or replace it/them because they are "worn out".
  7. protech

    protech Master plumber

    Central Fl
    Actually, it not ABS it's usually polypropylene. I'm not aware of a panel on the market that use can repair with a 3/8"ID cts pushfit fitting.

    To the OP: If leaks keep reoccurring, You are probably patching them wrong. Most panel damage is either from freezing or over pressure due to a closed system.
    Panels can just start leaking for no reason other than sun exposure after 20 years.
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