Lead flange 5/8 in. above floor

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  1. Obladi555

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    Just want to say that this forum has been so helpful during our bathroom remodel, thank you!

    We are about to install a new toilet. After removing many layers of flooring, our lead flange now sits about 5/8 in. above the finished tile floor.

    I have hesitation that the toilet will be too high once toilet is placed on the flange with the wax ring. There is about 1 in. clearance underneath the toilet, and the wax ring that came with the toilet also has a funnel. We have purchased an Oatey stainless steel replacement flange to fit underneath the lead flange. We have also purchased shims to accommodate the extra height. There is also a crack on the edge of the lead flange, will this be a problem.? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

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  2. Reach4

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    What are the shims for? I hope you are not planning to elevate the entire toilet on shims.

    If your toilet clears the flange, you should be in good shape once the wax ring is in place. To test clearances, you could roll little ropes of children's modeling clay, and lay them across the flange for doing a test fit.

    I expect you should use a wax ring that does not have its own funnel. Those are easy to buy.

    It is OK for the built-in round exit from the toilet to extend into the hole without touching the flange. [​IMG]
  3. Obladi555

    Obladi555 New Member

    Thanks for your response Reach4. The shims were recommended by a Lowe's employee if we were to encounter any rocking of the toilet.

    Thanks for the tip using the modeling clay. We will pick up a wax ring sans the funnel.

    Thank you again for your help.
  4. jadnashua

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    New England
    If you can dry fit the toilet over the flange and it is not hitting the flange itself, you should be okay. The toilet cannot hit the flange - there must be at least a little bit of clearance there. I'll second just a plain wax ring...since you'll likely not have much room, the rim of that funnel may just be the only thing between the toilet and the flange after it is compressed, and it will not make a good seal. Plain wax, even if it is almost down to zero thickness, will still seal.

    When you dry fit the toilet, that is when you want to decide where and how many, if any, shims you need to keep it from rocking...if you try to install them afterwards when setting the thing with the wax, you may end up not getting a good seal.
  5. Obladi555

    Obladi555 New Member

    Thank you jadnashua!
  6. hj

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    That is not the flange I would use, but you have to screw it to the floor. Once you do that, assuming it is REALLY a lead flange, (the paper stuffed into it makes it hard to tell for sure), then you can "beat" the lead down on to the surface of the flange, preferably with a non-metallic hammer.
  7. Obladi555

    Obladi555 New Member

    Thanks hj, the flange is indeed lead and hammering it down to the surface of the SS ring is exactly what I did. The toilet was installed last weekend and I am relieved to report that all is well so far. Thank you everyone for your help!
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