Laundry room remodel. Moving pipes and need help.

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  1. Kevz

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    Just found this forum and looks like a great place to ask some experts.. Sorry if this gets long.

    We just bought a house that we are doing a total remodel, first is the laundry room. We are moving the washer and dryer to another wall in the same room and are ready for the new pipes to be put in. Instead of me trying to describe it I took a picture and made some quick labels.

    We are planning on buying the new Maytag Neptune front loading washer/dryer. (MAH9700/MDE/G9700)

    We do not want to put them on the pedestals but instead keep them lower and add a counter top over them. Originally planned on just adding a box in the wall above them, but when we switched to a counter top over the washer/dryer this wouldn't look very good and we would have the lines in the way. So now we would like to move the box down and to the right. This would be the yellow box pictured. There will be a cabinet in front of the box with the back opened up so you can still have access to the shut off.

    So here are my questions on this. We had the plumbers come out and they wanted me to check with the manufacture about the height of the stack. I called maytag and I don't think they really understood my question, I probably didn't explain it correctly.

    By having it low will this cause any problems? The top of the laundry box couldn't be placed higher than 38 inches(height of washer) So obviously the drain couldn't be placed higher, the plumbers wanted to make sure this wouldn't be a problem.

    Also will having the washer on the other side with the dryer in the middle cause a problem with having the drain be that far away? If so I believe the doors are reversible so the washer might be able to switch places. If it doesn't need to though I would rather just leave them as they come.

    Under this is a 4 foot crawl space with a cement foundation, the plumber said he will have to cut into a large cast iron stack near the floor on the other side of the crawl space so he can get his slope to the new wall.

    Is there anything I need to be sure they do, or tell them? Want to make sure this gets done right.

    Thank you

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  2. Kevz

    Kevz New Member

    Any thoughts guys? Plumber coming in the next few days and I would sure like to know for sure before we do this and seal up the wall :)
  3. hj

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    Cave Creek, Arizona

    The front loading machine has a lower water level than a top loading one so the lower height of the box should not cause a problem. It could, however, if you sell the house and the new owners have a conventional washer. The hoses are long enough to reach to that location in most cases, but are you sure the doors are reversible.
  4. jimbo

    jimbo Plumber

    San Diego
    The door is reversible on the dryer ( but not the washer, I believe).

    I think it is a mistake to put the box so low. You will be forever committed to a front load machine. Even if if works with your Neptune, it will be more vulnerable to an overflow if the drain slows at all. With a recessed box above your shelf, you could bring the hoses up through small cut-out in the countertop.
  5. Kevz

    Kevz New Member

    I would much rather just put a box high and call it a day. I am not thrilled about seeing the drain/water lines but I could live with it. The woman on the other hand simply cannot live with it :)

    Maybe I can just build a little shield to cover up the box and lines that could simply be moved if there was a problem, she's pretty stubborn though.

    Thanks for the replies
    Appreciate it
  6. captwally

    captwally New Member

    Related Situation, but different.

    I have a similar situation, but quite different. I run a large apartment complex. My wife does the books and I take care of maintenance. We live onsite and I'd like to install my washer and dryer in the apartment. If it works out, I'd like to offer this option to tenants, for a price of course.

    The 2 bedroom floor plan has a large walk in closet that is adjacent to the full bath and the water heater. There is room for a full sized washer and Dryer. Hot and cold water plumbing and a drain is avaliable, though I will have to increase the size of the pocket door via sawzall... Venting the dryer is another chalenge, however. My thought is to run 4" dryer vent along the ceiling and out the back door and surrounding it with a wood "box". The buildings are solid concrete construction, with steel reinforcement, so the walls are where they are...

    If I can convert my apartment as such, the offsite owner/asset manager will likely pay me to install the washer/dryer option in all the units. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.
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