Kohler Rialto K3402 Flush Valve Problems

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    I'm new to this forum, so hopefully this hasn't already been discussed. I'm trying to replace a ballcock in a 1990 Kohler Rialto K3402 toilet (at least I think this is the number). I wish at this point it was white so I could go buy another brand, but since it's a gray no longer made (which matches the sink and tub) I'm sort of stuck unless I want to pay huge bucks to replace everything.

    I'm not sure about part names, but the original white plastic ballcock has a black plastic piece attached (which can be pulled off) that apparently makes the toilet flush more quietly. It's a black plastic part that appears to fill the tank after flushing and also attaches to the overflow tube. The overflow tube goes into the top of the bowl instead of into the overflow tube (at least it's been working that way for almost 20 years).

    Finally, my question is, is there anyway to bypass this black part? I replaced the ballcock with a new one but if I follow the directions that came with the new ballcock, the tank fills up about 3 inches and then gurgles and doesn't fill any higher. The flapper ball and float ball are working correctly. I also tried to attach the black part to the new ballcock, but the connection is too large for the black part to fit tightly and I can't think of a good way to attach it that won't fall off or leak.

    Any help would be appreciated. :confused:
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    All replacement fill valves are adjustable...depends on the brand and type you bought as to how. You need to adjust it so it fills to the design height.

    The hose, or whatever that runs water into the bowl must also be installed, or the water level in the bowl after a flush won't be proper. If you didn't use OEM parts, you may have to fabricate something to hold the hose over the overflow inlet. It can't be stuck down the overflow or it can siphon things and give you problems.
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    The Kohler Rialto is a slightly different animal...
    One of Kohlers "Better Mousetraps"
    "Special Parts"
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    Kohler strikes again.:mad:
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    We dropped Kohler as our main fixture line and switched to a new company called Toto (years back) because of the parts and call backs on their toilets.

    What a difference 1 fill valves and 3 different flappers and that was their whole parts line.
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    Kohler... 74 flappers
    Click Here to see Kohler flappers

    Kohler... 140 fill valves
    Click here to see Kohler fill valves

    Kohler... 263 flush valves
    Click Here to see Kohler flush valves

    Kohler... 362 stems
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    Kohler... 50 Cartridges
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    I can understand why even Kohler distributors don't stock everything...
    They'd go broke holding onto the excess inventory...
    Hell most of the time I call Kohler for a part even they don't stock the parts!:mad:
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