Kohler K-923 laminar flow bath filler O.K.?

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    Jan 30, 2005
    We were thinking that the Kohler K-922/923 "spout-less" laminar flow bath filler might be fun and safer for our little one (and his brother who is on the way) in our soon-to-be-installed bath/shower. No bumping of heads during bath time! We have Hans Grohe Axor Uno fixtures planned for the rest of the rest of the bathroom (including the thermostatic control, flow control, vanity sink, etc.). We have a few questions about this particular bath filling device:
    (1) Will it be compatible with valves from other vendors (i.e., Hans Grohe)?
    (2) Are there any installation or other potential problems that might suggest against getting it (i.e., fills too slowly, drips a lot, hard to repair, some cities won't alow it due to water conserv. issues, etc.)?
    (3) Will it be difficult for our contractor to install (he's done well with our other Hans Grohe Axor Uno shower)?
    (4) Which "bore size" should we use--the 2 cm or the 2.4 cm opening?
    (5) Lastly, we need a tub/shower divertor that will work with this whole set up. Any suggestions?

    Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!
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