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  1. Judy Thompson Parkey

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    I am doing a long dreamed for kitchen remodel. I will get new cabinets, counter, dishwasher, disposal, sink, faucets, and I want a "pot filler" for no other reason than I want one. I need direction in purchasing a kitchen sink. I have my heart set on a farm sink as it would fit very well into "the style" of my home. My kitchen is small so I do not need a large sink.

    I would also like feedback on dishwasher, faucets, and pot fillers.

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  2. jimbo

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    For the dishwasher, I would NOT get a bottom of the line at all. Too noisy, not enough features. My favorite brands are GE and Whirlpool. Although Bosch, Miele, etc are so-called premier brands, they come with a premier price, and I don't think they are worth the extra money. In the $600 range, you can do very well on a GE or WP.

    For faucets, most of us here are conservative and lean towards the old standbys, Delta, Moen, distant 3rd Kohler. All of these have a decent selection of styles and finishes. The kitchen faucet is not so critical because it is relatively easy to replace if you get stuck with a lemon. If you fall in love with an unknown designer brand at the design center or on line ( we strongly recommend to NEVER buy a faucet on line) you will pay up in price, and find parts availability marginal.
    For the pot filler, I absolutely "insist" you stick with a top of the line major brand.....Chicago, T&S, Fisher. They are not cheap, but TOO MANY BAD things if your pot filler goes south.

    We get lots of questions here along the lines of " I am in the middle of this remodel and such and such doesn't fit" or something like that. You are absolutely spot on asking these question right up front. I STRONGLY urge you to get your designer involved right at the beginning ( even if the designer is YOU) and provide him, and any contractors, fabricators, installers with dimensional/installation details for all your product...cabinets, appliances, sink, faucets BEFORE any purchases are made or anyone starts cutting holes, etc. This extra effort will save you major headaches!
  3. hj

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    If that is REALLY the sink you want, then ask yourself;
    1. How is it going to be mounted into my countertop
    2. What kind of faucet will work with it, and
    3. Will I still be enamored of it two years from now.

    As for dishwashers do not go overboard on "features" because most users only use a couple of cycles, IF that many.

    There are many kinds of faucets that you can use with that sink so it depends on your "likes", whether you use a deck mount, pedestal mount, or wall mount. That sink would normally have had a faucet which was above the deck on "pedestals" or a wall mount one. As for pot fillers, they also come in all shapes and sizes. How deep is your checkbook or credit card limit?

    My concept of an "apron front sink" is something like the Kohler K-6573-SU
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  4. edgarcooper

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    I would suggest you that rather then doing from yourself you should take help of any contractor who can guide you about it and can tell you which will suit or can get better with your kitchen as seeing photo it is not possible to say anything. For sink I would suggest you to go with Fireclay sinks or with Top Mount and for faucet it would be cartridge.
  5. hj

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    Cave Creek, Arizona
    I would hope in the 11 months since this was posted, that she has completed her kitchen remodel.
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