Is this vent above the toilet legal?

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  1. Hi all,

    Would this venting arrangement be proper? I'm still in design mode here.

    View attachment toilet.bmp

    Although not drawn -- further down, this 3" vertical stack will go through a vertical 3"-4" bushing and a 4" SanY with cleanout and then through two upright 45* bends to transition to the main 4" horizontal DWV at the end of its run. This is the terminal stack.

    I'm concerned that it violates the plumbing dictum, "..vent toilets downstream."

    If needed, I can bring a 2" shower drain line (already vented) to join the stack ~above~ the toilet's SanY to wash the line.

    Thanks for your attention,
  2. hj

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    I see nothing wrong with it. It is no different than if the main line came up directly under the toilet and the vent Y'ed off below it.
  3. Thanks!

    Thanks HJ,

    I just can't tell you how reassuring a simple nod of the head like that can be. I got mysef worked up into a tiz' on this darn piece. I think I'm learning how to see things by rearranging them as you described too.

    Thanks again,
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