Is this box too small for this GFCI outlet?

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  1. leejosepho

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    This is the GFCI outlet I had mentioned in cacher_chick's thread -- my apology for that hijack -- and all is well now that I have pulled it out of the box. The circuit had been fine in the past and was then disconnected for a while, then it tripped the breaker in the main panel after I recently re-connected it. A pinch on the black "load" wire running up to the switch *might* have been the problem here, but no copper is actually exposed or visible at that point. In any case, what is the trick to getting all of this inside that box? I had previously used this same box and outlet at another location without having anything connected to its "load" side, and even then I had trouble getting everything packed away well. The local hardware store has a GFCI outlet with screw terminals for about $15.00, and I can go that route if I must ...

    Note: The conduit at the bottom contains the wire running out to a yard light.

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  2. cacher_chick

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    That particular GFI appears to be deeper than any I have installed recently.

    Also worth noting that the receptacle must be rated "WR" (weather resistant) if it is going outside, and will need an "in-use" protective cover installed over it.
  3. leejosepho

    leejosepho DIY scratch-pad engineer

    I thank you. I have a new GFI breaker I can install inside, so I think I will just put a regular receptacle in that box.
  4. jwelectric

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    North Carolina
    Is that a FS or is it a FD box. You can measure the depth to find out.
    FS = 1 ¾ inch
    FD = 2 3/8 inch

    Even if you do change to a regular receptacle it will need to be WP/TR with an in use cover.
  5. Chad Schloss

    Chad Schloss Member

    i just put on 3 of those wr receptacles with tamper resistant features. they are not cheap either :( add that to the in use covers and siding mount blocks and there is a small fortune in plastic, lol
  6. leejosepho

    leejosepho DIY scratch-pad engineer

    I have just ordered a Leviton W7599-T WR GFCI for a grand total of about $25.00, including shipping. Before now, I did not even know there were special receptacles for patios!
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