Installing Hot Soak Tub - access panel questions

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  1. JuanSigned

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    Jul 27, 2007
    I'm doing a DIY gut and remodel of my master bath. After much discussion the tub has been chosen :D


    The installation instructions are, well I'm hoping they are unclear. Here's a link to the dimensions page and a quote from the installation manual
    Access can easily be provided from the side of the tub, but having to provide access to the end is a deal breaker. :( The plan has the end of the tube backing a steam shower. I've emailed Aquatic but they've been unresponsive.

    I've never owned a tub with a pump before so how much maintenance is required? Is only having side access a deal killer?
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  2. hj

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    You have to be able to remove and service the pump through the access opening, regardless of where it is located. Some manufacturers will relocate the pump to the area where your access opening will work, but it appears that one of the two locations should work for you if you select the proper one..
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