Install Upstairs Radiators, do I need valves?

Discussion in 'HVAC Heating & Cooling' started by farmer_dave, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. farmer_dave

    farmer_dave Farmer in PA

    I am a diy guy that has an old farm house currently with no upstairs heat (iron radiators were cast off by the last owner). To get heat to the 4 bedrooms and 1 bath upstairs I have been able to run 2 loops of 3/4 pex (4 pipes) to the upstairs bathroom where I will be able to make two separate loops to the bedrooms and bath. Being on a tight budget, I would like to install slantfin along the windows, but wonder about one bedroom overheating and one being too cold. Has anyone used thermostatic valves like the ones sold by

    My next step is to contact myson but thought I would ask here to get an unbiased opinion. Thanks for any info on thermostatic radiator valves.
  2. nhmaster

    nhmaster Master Plumber

    S. Maine
    Just put the baseboard in. You can control the output with the dampers on the baseboard.
  3. Doherty Plumbing

    Doherty Plumbing Journeyman & Gas Fitter

    Penticton, BC
    I have not used that exact brand but I have used a very similar model and they worked quite well! I would definitely recommend them!
  4. krow

    krow Plumber

    Ontario, Canada
    Great for balancing your system. I recommend them for your bedrooms. Bathroom would be optional (personal note: I would put them in the bathroom too)
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