Inspectors suck !!

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  1. I bid on a repipe in a neighboring town, and won the job. That town has some different requirements regarding repipes so I called the head inspector, told him what I was doing, that I had a couple of questions and wanted to make sure I had all my info correct before I did the repipe and made any mistakes. Inspector Monkey Butt doesn't answer his phone and doesn't return calls. I've called for days and am still in the dark.
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    You should have asked those questions in person while you were there pulling the permit.

    Unless that town is population 500 and run by a guy named Buford, go back there in person and ask to speak with the inspector's supervisor or head of the Building Department. If that doesn't do it, then it's not a town you want to work in.
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    Was kinda hoping this thread had more to chew on. :rolleyes:
  4. I did ask those questions and more while I was there pulling the permit. I w2as told the inspectors are in and out first thing in the morning and are only reachable by phone. Unfortunately, a few days later, he hasn't answered the phone, nor has he returned a call. I'd swear they want you to screw up and fail the inspection so they can charge the reinspect fee.

    Problem's a local epidemic. The head inspector in my town pulls the same nonsense.
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    In this area, the inspectors do not want to be designers, because if they tell you how to do the job, you could still screw it up, but then you would claim that you did it the way they said to. For that reason, they tell you to do the job, and then they will either approve it or turn it down. THEN they may tell you how to correct it. How did you even bid the job if you did not know what the requirements were going to be?
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