Incomplete Backflush or Rinsing

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    If the iron system is not up to 100% then the softener will get to deal with left over of the iron filter.

    If the chlorine is high enough then the resin bed will become impacketed or not let water pass..
    Beads will no longer be beads but more like a sediment that water can not pass.
  2. Gary Slusser

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    Actually gas in a filter or softener in the Service position, is not going to be able to go down through the media to the bottom of the tank and then up the distributor tube to be able to get out into the plumbing. Unless the whole tank is full of gas. Which it won't be due to the pressure in the system.

    Any build up in the top of the tank will go to drain during backwash.
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    I was not talking about the service position. I know what direction water and gas travels. Gas and bursts of water bubbling up through the media during a backwash is the only way it would drive the media up into the top basket or valve assembly.
  4. Gary Slusser

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    With the addition of chlorine in this case it is a mechanical filter but, Pyrolox or greensand etc. minerals are not meant to be used as a mechanical filter. That's because if on dirty water those minerals will load up with dirt preventing them from oxidizing the soluble iron, H2S and manganese they are used to 'filter' by oxidation. Only Birm is used for turbid/dirty water.

    Use of a Micronizer means an air injection system, not an iron filter, and air injection must have a turbidity filter (and the off gas vent tank you mention, which is also required with an air pump system), and only Birm can be used with air injection, not Pyrolox, greensand or the other minerals used in soluble clear water ferrous iron filters.
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