I need a Valve spline identifying plate

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    I'm looking for a valve spline identifying plate. It's a plate with female valve spline patterns to stick a valve into. It helps identify what brand of valve I have. It also has male valve spline patterns to fit faucet handles into. I've seen aftermarket ones that are manufacturer-specific- like Danco, it tells you to see Danco part #xxoo. I'm looking for one that will identify actual makes, not code numbers.

    There is also a template that helps identify valves by length.

    I work in the plumbing department of a San Francisco hardware / lumber store. All day long, people are bringing in old valves and handles, with no idea what brand of faucet they came from. If they don't match our limited stock of valves & faucets, there's not much I can do for them.

    I'm tired of opening valve packages over & over again to see if they'll fit into handles. Does anyone have a good source of valve & handle identifying resources? Our suppliers don't have anything.

  2. jimbo

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    Major aftermarket suppliers like Danco, etc. usually provide the broach guage and stem length identifiers as marketing props to their dealers. If you are too small to get them gratis, they should sell one to you.
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    The problem with your question is that you are assuming a particular broach size is unique to a single manufacturer. Unfortunately, a manufacturer can produce faucetmodels each with a different broach and a particular broach can correlate to more than one manufacturer. Seats and stems are somewhat proprietary, but even then some seats are similar enough that they can be interchanged if the thread size is equal. All the stem length chart can do for you is tell you which section of the catalog to look for the matching stem.
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