Hybrid water heaters and types of issues.

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    Aug 6, 2014
    I am planning to get a new water heater and would like to get a rheem hybrid, I have seen a lot of complaints/debates of home owners about them but no one specifying if the issues are on the 2010 modles or the current ones. Any information from Installers/service tech's and home owners about the New modles is greatly appriciated. I would hate to spend that much money only to find out they are a money pit.

    I like the rheem better due to the fact that it needs less rear clearance than the ge one. I have also found it quite disapointing that neither ge or rheem have working network addons at the moment, rheem hasent even programmed the boards yet. they expect some time late this year or as late as q2 2015. I live where it can get quite cold so im also interested in hearing how the cold weather preformance is.
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