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  1. frank911

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    hello everyone. I just rerouted my top floor bathroom to add a shower. I moved the secodary vent pipe over by 18". how does this look.

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    I see that you basically recreated what was already there and added in a shower, but in doing so you wet vented the shower. And so in doing so, the shower's trap could be affected by the lav sink. If you are permitted to wet vent (my code allows it), you should have atleast bumped up that entire branch up to 2". I really don't like that whole round about way of joining the sink drain to the wc drain, but it doesn't look like you have much choice there. Good job adding in the extra blocking, a few more couldn't hurt any if you can squeeze them in :)
  4. frank911

    frank911 New Member

    thanks Sanjeev, your right about me recreating what was there already. The house was built 35 years ago. There is another original wet vent in the main bathroom so i just did the same here.

    The round about branch has a gradual rise of 11" from lowest to highest point at the shower drain. do you suggest i raise the whole round about branch 2 more inches?

  5. GrumpyPlumber

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    Frank, I know this is a DIY forum...but you really should consider hiring a plumber.
    The cost of having drain cleaners in over the years will justify the cost of a plumber now.
    Once that floor is closed up, it's all over.
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