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  1. suem600

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    Tampa, FL
    I bought a house that had a $3000.00 Rainsoft water softener installed in 2003. The water softener was last serviced in 2006. It was turned off at least 2 years ago. I have no idea if it works. The salt tank is filled with water. Should I pay Rainsoft to come out and service this unit to see if it works ? From all the complaints I've read about Rainsoft, I am not sure I want to get involved with this company.

    Sears has a water softener marked down from $649.00 to $449.00. It has a digital reader so you can see when salt is needed. In order to install it, would I have to remove the Rainsoft unit ? Is it a big deal to remove the Rainsoft unit ?

    I saw a Waterboss that is very easy to install. Since I don't plan to buy a service contract and will have my handyman service the unit, would this be the easiest route to take ? My handyman doesn't know anything about water softeners but he can figure out most anything, especially with a manual.

    Your comments will be most appreciated.

  2. how was it turned off?????

    when you say that you turned of f your $3000 rainsoft unit,
    do you mean that you hit the bypass lever on the back of
    unit or did you simply just unplug the unit....?????

    If you did not by pass the water from going through the unit,
    and water has gone through that filter for the past 3 years,
    the unit is probably ruined by now...

    the unit can be serviced if you have bypassed it....
    you dont have to call rainsoft, their are probably other
    companies in the phone book that will work on them...

    make it clear from the get-go that you only want it repaired...

    as far as buying a Sears unit, they are total DOGS...
    the waterboss is probably worse than sears...
    Neither unit is easy to service, and the sears
    repair men dont know what they are doing.

    its better to get a two tank system instead of either one of those...

    you can get a top of the ine CLACK unit installed for
    around 900, or you can buy one on line for 600,

    so why do you want to mess with these hardware
    stores off brands and get yourself in trouble again??...
  3. jadnashua

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    If you want a water softener, the first thing to do is to get your water tested. Until you know what your starting point is, you will have no idea of the size and complexity of the system needed to suit your needs.
  4. Gary Slusser

    Gary Slusser That's all folks!

    The water in the salt tank says the control valve isn't able to suck it out or that there is a leak allowing water to flow into the salt tank when it shouldn't. So you probably have to call RS because they are the only ones that have parts for it. Their service call charges and parts prices are usually very high.

    I suggest a correctly sized softener for your family size, the number of bathrooms and the type of fixtures in them. Click here to learn about sizing.

    A softener isn't hard to remove and this one should be removed to install another one. Big box store brands are not very good quality and are hard to service if you can find anyone to do it and the handyman is not going to find much troubleshooting info in the manual. So I suggest a softener with a Clack WS-1 control valve because anyone can service it.
  5. suem600

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    Tampa, FL
    Thanks for your comments

    The unit was unplugged. I looked at the bi-pass valves. They look to be turned off. I was not able to turn them back on but maybe my handyman can. I found another valve that turned the water on and off. It was turned off so water was not going through the unit.
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  6. vic1953

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    Turning Off Gold Rainsoft-Help Please

    Have Gold system that I inherited from previous owner. Now a few yrs later I decided not to use it. Rainsift folks told me to turn off the "valves" which I assume were the bypass valves.
    ???DO ALL 4 valves need to be turned off??? Off being 90 degree turn clockwise?
    I was told if I didn't the carbon filter would degrade and potentially clog my plumbing. Is this true?

  7. Gary Slusser

    Gary Slusser That's all folks!

    Post some pictures of the valves and the control valve.
  8. hj

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    I have only installed one Waterboss. It was for a friend of mine and he purchased the softener. Fourteen years after I installed it the tank fractured, and he, and his insurance company, tried to make me pay for the damage to the house. I will NEVER install another Waterboss softener.
  9. Allen Meyers

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    Wow....nice friend.:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
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