How to fix leaking pre-fab shower drain?

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    Apr 30, 2013
    Hi all - I have discovered a leak in my pre-fab basement shower stall. It appears that the gasket or seal between the outer drain pipe which comes down from the shower and encircles the actual 2" ABS drain pipe is not functioning (it actually looks and feels like a soggy, slimy, mess of something not runner).

    Can I fix this with a simple replacement? Is there some rubber product I can buy? If so should I also caulk it? Last question - I know water has gotten into the shower base - can I leave it once the drain is fixed or do I need to rip up everything and dry it out to prevent mould on the concrete?

    I have posted pics below.

    Thanks for any and all help - I very much want to fix this myself and Home Depot was no help!

    Photp.444go-0008.jpg Photp.444go-0010.jpg
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