How to drain my water pipes

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    sorry if this is a newbie question, here goes...i am repairing a leaky joint in my copper water supply lines. i know that to drain the pipes i should shut off the water supply and open the highest and lowest faucets in the house. the leak is in the basement, which is unfinished. the lowest faucet in the house is still higher than the leaky joint. how do i drain this pipe?

    i have considered opening the drain valve at the bottom of the water heater. i would rather not haul that much water out of the basement, but is this my only option? thanks for any help...
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    Where the piping rides along the joists between support hangers, jam a tool or piece of pipe betwen the pipe and the joist; this will drop a belly in the pipe long enough for it to pool and get the solder joint closed up.

    Be quick about it and don't waste time. That water will eventually fill the belly up and continue the way it was.....leak..
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