How long will "emergency" magic wrap tape last once applied

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  1. jandn

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    Hi, a couple weeks ago I posted a question saying my tubs drain pipe was leaking when I flipped the switch which puts the stopper into hold water. Well, on a whim I wrapped the area I suspected the leak was coming from (go down the drain, it then bent 90deg to left and then into a vertical t-junction pipe.) I wrapped the bit where the pipe meets the T junction.

    I wrapped it using some "magic wrap" emergency air activated tape. Initally, about a half hour after wrapping the one area (I think it was coming from where the two pipes theaded together) it still leaked slightly through the tape. I thought it failed but tried it the next day and a bout a dozen times since then and it holds wonderfully.

    Question, any idea how long this tape lasts. It says emergency use on the box, but also says long lasting. Do you think I should just leave it on and wait until it fails again, before I call a plumber? The inital problem was a dripping of about a quarter cup of water everytime someone takes a bath (shower no problem) but baths are only run when my sisters kids come to visit which is only a couple times a year.

    Whats your experience with this tape.

    Thanks for any advice you can give.
  2. The old college try

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    If this is the stuff I'm thinking of, I used it once on a radiator hose on my dad's van a few years back. The stuff actually lasted for a couple of years. Amazing stuff.
  3. leejosepho

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    You are not dealing with any actual pressure there, so it might just last a long time ... and another possible "fix" would be the heavy, double-sticky rubber tape you can find in electrical departments. However, and since you can get to it to tape it, it would likely not cost any great amount to have that leaky drain replaced.
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