How do I seal this?

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    Could anyone tell me what stuff to use on these (they're for my shower/tub fixture) whether its teflon tape or pipe dope or plumber's grease? I have no idea where the seal is supposed to act in these parts when they go together(Sorry if its a dumb question but I don't trust the HD people, who handed me the teflon tape and said to use that) Also where do I put whatever you suggest when I put them together i.e. on the threaded part or what? If you could use descriptive terms in reference to the picture that would be great, because I don't know what each of these parts are called. Thanks so much(this is the first time I am doing anything with plumbing) This website is great by the way.

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  2. use pipe dope

    its best to probably just get some pipe dope
    maybe with teflon in it and use it liberally on all the joints...

    you can get a little can of Oatey pipe dope with
    white teflon for 2 bucks at LOWES, its pretty good stuff.
  3. hj

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    First you have to tell us what kind of pipe you are using. If it is steel, or copper with a male adapter, you use a paste pipe dope, or teflon tape if you are adventurous. But if it is plain copper tubing, you solder them onto the tube directly.
  4. Mimi78

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    Its copper, and I get the part about sweating the pipe into the middle thing, but after that when the part on the right slides up and screws around the main part on the right, what seals that part(the threaded parts)? The guy at home depot says not to use anything because its brass and should be a dry fit.
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  5. pipe dope

    just smear it with pipe dope on the male end
    and tighten the UNION down

    it makes a sort of compression seal brass against brass....
  6. Mimi78

    Mimi78 New Member

    HD carries Hercules tape dope, is that the same thing as Oatey pipe dope? Or they have Hercules Pro dope pipe joint compound, Brush on Blue block, Rector Seal, which should I use?
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  7. jimbo

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    First, this is a union which is intended to seal by matching metal to metal surfaces. Teflon tape would never be appropriate, and would likely leak. Most plumbers would put something on the surfaces to prevent possible galling, but this is not required, and I believe all the old ones I have taken apart did not have anything. Plumbers grease would be appropriate if you are not going to sweat anything nearby afterwards. I personally use Great White teflon paste. The thicker, setting dopes are not my preferred product for this application.
  8. Any will work

    I am sort of getting the impression that you might
    be in deep over your head...........

    In a way you are sort of asking me which kind of condom
    should I use??

    they are all good .....they all will work fine....

    Its really just personal preference .......ribbed or extra lubricated LOL

    Therefore , the teflon pipe dope kind is pretty good stuff ....

    whatever you can get your paws on will do the job......

    as long as you dont have a leak............LOL
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  9. Mikebarone

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    I always just put a little plumbers grease on the male threads. you don't want anything to get on where the compression part of the fit will be. Just give it a ferm turn to tighten them together. It is just a dry compression fit. If you get a small leak, tighten it down, just a little more.
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