hot wtr leak in slab AND sewage leak possible?

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    Hi all.
    I'm a total newb here and did try searching but couldn't find references to this prob with anyone else....

    I'm having issues in the rental house (that the landlord is letting go into foreclosure) we're currently vacating. There's a definite leak in the slab--ongoing since at least early April, with the hot water, which is kept shut off unless using (tho it can only be used for 2-3 mins now before it goes cold and comes up thru liv rm floor....).

    Anyway, we're also now experiencing a new wrinkle in that the kitchen has a sewage smell emiting from the sink (has a disposal).

    It's done this briefly in the past, but I'd always been able to rid it with the usual methods: standard cleaning, filling/flushing, baking soda, lemon, vinegar, enzymes, etc. Have used a gallon of bleach this time, in varying amounts, along with the other methods, but it is not abating at all.

    I'm wondering if this could somehow be connected with the longterm leaking problem? Or, is this just something ELSE wrong with the cursed home?

    Appreciate any insight for our final week.... :)
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    A GD, especially when they get old, instead of grinding things up, tears them up, and the particals are much harder to flush down the drain. There could be a bunch of crud stuck in there that you can't dislodge wtih the flushing. Unless you are considering buying the forclosure, I'd just put the plug in the drain when not actually draining anything, and forget about it. If the house can't supply the required hot water to bath, etc., it technically could be condemmed. Again, if you are moving out, probably not worth trying to pursue, since the landlord isn't going to do anything in the timeframe remaining.

    If you need a reason to break the lease, that is one in most places.
  3. dzgrrl

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    sunny fla

    I just wondered if the leak and GD smell could've somehow been related. Guess it's just another 'sign' about how we really need 2 get outta here fast!

    We HAD wanted to buy it, but not after realizing how much work would be needed, 'specially after how long the leak's gone on. At one point, the entire LR floor (prolly 40 sq ft) was hot underfoot before we knew what was going on. Can only imagine how much has been washed away under the slab after 3 mos.

    (+ there's other probs that landlords didn't attend)

    Darn shame, tho, was a lovely house & property.... & the lease is already dissolved.
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