hot water heater for lake water supply

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  1. tooks007

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    Mar 22, 2011
    north stonnington,ct
    Hi how are you all? I own a cottage in north stonnington ,ct and i am in the process of trying to find a good size water heater possibly 40-50 gal. and want to know of a good one to use electric and location to place it.the weather can get very cold in the winter time and my farther has his inclosed under his cottage but i notice that the hot water supply is limited if 4-7 people try to get washed and have to wait hours to get hot water again and its december weather. currently the hot water heater that was previously in my cottage from when my uncle owned it was installed in the kitchen but I'm looking for a better place out of site.
  2. ballvalve

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    Dec 28, 2009
    "retired" and still building and troubleshooting
    northfork, california
    All water heaters are about equally bad these days unless you add a better anode. Leave it in the kitchen so the waste heat stays in the house. You can go to 5500 watt elements if the wires permit. I run one with BOTH elements on at the same time and heat a house with it.
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