Hooking up a cistern

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    I am looking to hook up a cistern to my current water supply. I found this link http://www.nationaldriller.com/ND/Home/Images/nd.01.pc.Lowflowwell.jpg
    and would like to try to do the same in my basement. I already have a Pentek SPP-233-1.5 Submersible Pump Protector. As I live in Maine, my tanks will be in my basement so that they don't freeze. My tank(s) need to fit through a standard 36" exterior door. Do I need any special type of tank material for this application or will any plastic tank work. I am guessing that my local farm supply dealer may be the cheapest place to get a tank, but any ideas. Also where would the best place to get the other material from? Float swith, tank pump (what style pump) check valve and cycle stop valve

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