Highrise sewer odors in toilet, shower, sink and floor drain

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    Rather perplexing
    here is the framwork for you experts to ponder

    wish i had a master plumber.
    I dont... am in southeast asia, and language/skills a problem!

    22nd story condo of a 29 story 15 year old building.
    never lived here
    redid the bathrooms/showers/sinks w new toilets.
    rented it.
    sewer gas entering the bathroom.
    maybe from bad toilet seal (its definitely more out of the toilet but also shower and sink drains which suggests vent? or clog?)
    All p traps are full of water.
    looking for blue prints on design, but shower sink and floor drain tend to be connected in south east asia.

    thats what i am not sure of. here is the plan.
    1) redo seals on toilet collar top and bottom
    2) to do the full vent smoke test is difficult...
    3) have any of you ever seen this product. its windy and wet and this may be a factor.

    4) can you suggest a good H2S tester?

    anyone have any other ideas.
    Many thanks
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  2. you redid it, so you can tell us if the plumbing is all in a thin space under a slab -- if so Tomahawk it is not vented much, and maybe we'd like to see the diagram you can draw since you or your contractor saw it all before closing the ceiling. If not, you can open your own ceiling and see your neighbor's plumbing above, and report back on what you see.

    Since there are 29 floors it stands to reason there will be at least a couple other owners who know a lot about the building's plumbing, and the condo association board members will know who they are, so now you know who to talk to and how to get in touch with them.

    Since your condo is the only one (or not) that has this problem, it is likely that something was changed when you redid it all. A diagram will help understand what you have or think you have. Another good reason to post this.

    How do you know the floor drain P trap is full of water? Did anyone pour water down it? How do you know it has a P trap? Is it a new floor drain, converted from a toilet drain ?

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    #2 Highrise sewer odors in toilet, shower, sink and floor drain WITH BLUEPRINT

    Hello thanks for your earlier response.

    The problem persists.
    here is an image of the basic configuration.
    I believe that the venting is done improperly, which would be standard in Thailand....

    in this image, you can see

    1) the Toilet soil drain from the apartment above tied into the vent pipe from the our bathroom sink.
    2) That vent pipe then sloping DOWN about 6 inches before passing through a toward the waste and vent stack risers. (that cant be right can it?)

    I have the blue print of the toilet/riser design

    1) Lav02" which is vented with 2" PVC = V02" and drops to Water pipe W06"
    a) Floor drain=FD02" (you can see the floor drain ptrap in photo)
    b) then the bathtub drain BT02"
    c) then this which then ties into a a 6" Water pipe stack = W06".
    2) WC Pipe = WC04" which ties into Soil pipe stack = S06"
    ****which is not tied into this V02" according to blue print but is in fact.
    3) 4" Vent Stack Riser (which shows only the sink with a vent tie in).

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    #3 Highrise sewer odors in toilet, shower, sink and floor drain WITH PIC

    Cant seem to get the pics up.
    cut them down to 44kb and 700x700 but they still wont come up...
  5. FloridaOrange

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    SW Florida
    Create an account on photobucket.com (free). Put the pictures up there and use the IMG code to post the pictures here.
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  7. tomahawk9

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    Still evolving

    Turns out the guys who did the lavoratory made two stupid mistakes.
    1) the tail pipe in the bottle trap under the sink was too short.
    therefore it wasnt a trap...

    so we had them extend the tail pipe to the correct length.

    Then we still have sewer gas...and we can isolate it as being from under the sink....so look behind the wall and...

    2) the sink drain pipe is 1 1/2" stainless...
    ...which then goes into a 2 inch drain pipe in the wall.

    They never sealed that connection...not so clever.
    But hte local practice is still to only saturate the gap with silicone instead of putting a proper reducer fitting on it!
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